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Pintail Landfill urges SOAH for a Contested Case Hearing

Company to Evaluate Other Landfill Development Opportunities in Texas

May 31, 2017

HEMPSTEAD, TX – May 31, 2017 – Pintail Landfill, LLC announces that it has filed a Petition requesting a Contested Case be conducted by the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH). In the Petition, Pintail claims the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality’s Executive Director improperly returned its landfill application filed in July 2016 resulting in a Regulatory Taking of its private property rights.

The Texas Legislature created an administrative remedy for property owners to unwind actions by governmental entities that cause a diminution in value of their land. This remedy is not to award monetary damages as in traditional eminent domain litigation. It is to protect private property rights from improper government action.

“The Filing of this Petition is one more step by Pintail in its efforts to overturn what we believe was the improper return of our landfill application late last year. “said David Green, President of Pintail. “Pintail has also filed an action in District Court seeking a judicial review of the Executive Director’s action.”

“We remain confident the Pintail site can be developed and operated safely and in compliance with all state standards and that ultimately the TCEQ will review the technical aspects of the facility,” said Green.

About Green Group Holdings

Green Group Holdings, LLC, parent company of Pintail Landfill, LLC, is a development company that specializes in large-scale infrastructure development, environmental permitting, and operations for projects like industrial parks, water supply facilities, transfer stations, facilities for processing recyclable materials, and solid waste landfills. With innovative designs and a commitment to transparency, the Green Group Holdings’ leadership team has set the standard for large-scale environmental permitting and development projects. For more information, visit the Green Group Holdings website at

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