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Green Group Holdings Will Not Pursue Further Legal Action on Pintail Landfill Permit

June 25, 2018

Company to Evaluate Other Landfill Development Opportunities in Texas

June 25, 2018 – HEMPSTEAD, Texas – Green Group Holdings, LLC today announced that it would not pursue any further legal action on its permit for the proposed Pintail Landfill project in Waller County by dismissing pending judicial appeals and withdrawing from all other approvals related to the facility.

David Green, President of Green Group Holdings, stated: “After careful consideration, we have decided to withdraw our continuing challenges on the action of TCEQ regarding our permit for Pintail Landfill. We have come to this decision after multiple conversations with stakeholders, our project team, and other leaders including Senator Lois Kolkhorst.”

Green continued: “While we no longer wish to use the court system to resolve the issue, we continue to disagree with TCEQ’s actions as we believe those decisions are not consistent with the agency’s protocol, authority, and obligations or the administrative law judges’ decision to remand our initial application back to TCEQ. We also believe this situation has revealed flaws with the TCEQ’s permitting process and we hope that the TCEQ and the state legislature will address these issues in the future.”

Green Group maintains that data indicates a need to create additional landfill capacity in Texas. Moreover, because of projected continued population growth and the impact of natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, Green Group believes that municipal solid waste will continue to be a challenge for the state. That is why it is important to clarify the permitting process so that all participants, including the applicant, can rely upon well-identified standards and schedules.

For these reasons, Green Group will actively evaluate other sites throughout Texas for landfill development opportunities.

Meanwhile, Green Group will market the Pintail Landfill property, which it owns, for a compatible land use.


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