We offer turnkey solutions to landfill development and commercialization.

Our track record around the world proves we’ve done this end-to-end work successfully, including operations and management. Now the role of operating landfills is part of our long history.

In 2016, we transformed our business model to focus on permitting and developing landfill facilities and to entrust operations and management to other partners. Our experience with landfill operations affords us the in-depth knowledge and perspective necessary to design an entire development optimized for daily functions and community benefit – from the first idea to the ribbon cutting.

Our Core Services

  • Siting & Permitting
  • Due Diligence
  • Full Site Assessment and Planning


Current Operation Site:

  • Layon Landfill, MSW Landfill  |  Inarajam, Guam


Previously Operated Sites:

  • Northeastern New Mexico Regional Landfill  |  Wagon Mound, NM
  • Arrowhead Landfill  |  Uniontown, AL
  • Grasslands Environmental  |  Douglas, WY
  • Mesa County Landfill, Transfer Station, Recycling Center and Compost Facility  |  Grand Junction, CO
  • Brooks C&D Landfill  |  Wichita, KS
  • Black Mallard Disposal, Permitted Oilfield Waste Disposal Facility  |  Ross, ND