Mission Statement

Green Group Holdings’ mission is to positively transform the waste management industry – and the stakeholders’ experience with it – one site at a time.

Green Group Holdings, LLC is an environmental service company that develops critical waste management infrastructure to support the disposal, recycling, reuse, and restoration needs of a region, and to positively impact the well-being of neighboring communities.

We’re rewriting the story of trash.

Landfills are essential parts of the municipal infrastructure. We understand their often sensitive and controversial nature. We’ve spent decades in the industry to intentionally design an empathetic approach to landfill development – one that earns an emphatic “Okay!” from the folks who take the time to learn about the nuances, details and benefits of the project, and the extent to which we protect the local environment and quality of life for the community.

Our goal is to make mixed-use community disposal sites an asset in the community by providing the necessary infrastructure to create and manage alternative energy sources, recycle and reuse, offer quality jobs, and support community goals for economic growth and environmental sustainability. Our integrated and transparent path to infrastructure development allows us the opportunity to ensure our facilities are safe and environmentally sound.

We play the long game.

Landfill development projects take years and we stick around. Our extended team’s deep expertise and decades of experience play out over time. By the time we’ve proposed a new site, we’ve done our due diligence to ensure it’s possible beyond regulatory standards.

We’re unafraid to invest years on a project and ultimately walk away because the project and process fail to live up to our values. We’re also unafraid to evolve with the needs of the industry and the communities we serve. In 2016, we made a calculated decision to focus on landfill permitting and development. We divested our ownership of all but one operating site and now transfer management and operations to a separate entity when the development is complete. We retain only one operating agreement for our facility in Guam.

We make your home our home, too

We are interested in meaningful community involvement, not superficial sponsorship. We make decisions as if we live next to the landfill. Among many considerations, we design around traffic patterns, landscaping, noise reduction, visibility of the site and environmental monitoring and compliance. We are privately held, allowing us the freedom to make the right choices for the neighbors, even if it means spending a little more of our money to get it right.