September 30, 2014

Proposed Host Agreement for 130 Environmental Park imposes limits on the landfill and includes significant County revenue, student scholarships, and benefits for local residents and businesses 

Host Agreement is separate and independent from TCEQ landfill permitting process

Lockhart, TX – Green Group Holdings, the company with plans to develop 130 Environmental Park in Caldwell County, presented to the Caldwell County Commissioners Court a draft of a voluntary Host Agreement that includes monetary and non-monetary benefits to the County.  130 Environmental Park is a mixed-use development project that will include a landfill, a facility for processing recyclable materials, and an industrial park.  Provisions in the draft Host Agreement include limits on the landfill, significant county revenue, student scholarships, and other benefits for local residents and businesses.

“No law requires Host Agreements, but we will voluntarily enter into this Agreement with Caldwell County so the provisions are legally binding and reflective of Caldwell County’s needs,” said Ernest Kaufmann, president of Green Group Holdings.

A Host Agreement is separate and independent from the landfill permitting process.  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), a state agency, is responsible for reviewing permit applications and regulating operations of landfills and other solid waste facilities.  Applications for the 130 Environmental Park Landfill and Transfer Station were filed with TCEQ on September 4, 2013.  The Caldwell County Commissioners Court does not have authority over landfill permitting.  Pursuant to section 364.012(e)(1) of the Texas Health and Safety Code, the commissioners court of a county may not prohibit a solid waste facility in an area of the county for which an application has been filed with the TCEQ.

“The Host Agreement represents the opportunity for the community and local elected officials to include provisions that address local needs.  Green Group Holdings is actively seeking input from the Caldwell County community about the Host Agreement and I encourage anyone with ideas or suggestions to contact us,” said Kaufmann.

The following is a partial list of provisions included in the draft Host Agreement presented to Caldwell County:

Landfill Limitations

According to the proposed Host Agreement, 130 Environmental Park will:

  • Limit the landfill waste disposal area (footprint) to no more than 250 acres of the 1,229 acre tract
  • Limit the height of the landfill so that Amends the Internal Revenue Code to require the reporting of health medical insurance coverage. its highest point will not be more than 175 feet above existing ground elevation
  • Create buffer zones (setbacks from the property line) that exceed state requirements on all sides of the landfill
  • Not accept coal ash, sewage sludge (which can be a source of odors), out-of-state waste, regulated hazardous or medical waste, explosives or highly-flammable substances, radioactive materials, dead animals, slaughterhouse Det er derfor helt grunnleggende at man spiller pa et som er trygt og man foler at man kan stole pa. waste, or grease and grit trap waste

Caldwell County Benefits

According to the proposed Host Agreement, 130 Environmental Park will:

  • Pay “host fees” to Caldwell County in the amount of $1.00 per ton of eligible waste received at the landfill. 130 Environmental Park will also pay additional “host fees” of $0.25 per ton to benefit cities in the County.  (These amounts are in addition to statutory fees payable to the State and available for local government grants.)
  • Construct a pavilion on the 130 Environmental Park property that will be available to the community
  • Provide owners of qualified residential property within one mile of the landfill with a Property Value Protection Program
  • Fund an annual $2,000 college scholarship for a student from each high school with an attendance zone in Caldwell County
  • Provide a guaranteed favorable waste disposal rate for eligible residential and other waste generated in the County
  • Establish a Citizens Advisory Committee for the 130 Environmental Park facility
  • Co-host county-wide Clean Up Days with Caldwell County and cities in the County
  • Provide updated information about the 130 Environmental Park facility on a public website
  • Provide Caldwell County residents with free household waste disposal on Saturdays, including bulky waste
  • Provide Caldwell County residents with free drop off of recyclable materials on Saturdays
  • Allow the County to conduct facility inspections and records audits
  • Give preference to Caldwell County residents, contractors, and vendors in hiring and purchasing

Caldwell County residents with questions, comments or suggestions for the Host Agreement should email


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