December 23, 2015

Grasslands Environmental Facility Opens its Industrial Landfill

 DOUGLAS, Wyoming – Dec. 23, 2015 – The Grasslands Environmental facility opens its industrial landfill today, moving the site closer to becoming a turnkey waste management facility designed to fully serve the disposal and water needs of Wyoming’s oil and gas exploration and production industry at a single location.

The industrial landfill is a 67-acre landfill that will feature several engineered containment systems including a composite landfill liner system, a secondary leak detection system for the leachate collection sumps, leachate tanks with secondary containment, and an engineered final cover system (cap).

The landfill liner system will consist of the following from bottom to top:

  • Prepared subgrade material composed of conditioned and compacted subsurface material
  • A 24-inch compacted low permeability soil liner with hydraulic conductivity no greater than 1×107cm/sec
  • A 60-mil minimum thickness HDPE textured geomembrane liner
  • A double-sided geocomposite drainage layer
  • 12 inches of protective cover

The areas where leachate will be collected and pumped will have a secondary liner with a leak detection system. The landfill will accept approved exempt and non-exempt exploration and production wastes, approved industrial wastes, approved petroleum contaminated soils, and inert waste.

Operated by GGH Wyoming, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Green Group Holdings, the facility includes an operational pull through commercial oilfield wastewater disposal facility (COWDF) and a non-potable water supply well. Grasslands Environmental covers 482 acres and will provide approximately 10 million cubic yards of permitted airspace for the disposal of solid waste generated by the oil and gas industry.

Grasslands Environmental ( began fresh water sales in August 2014 and began accepting wastewater in November 2014. The site is also permitted for two Class 1 injection wells, which may be installed in the future.
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