Green Group Holdings

Solid Waste Services

Green Group develops and operates highly engineered, environmentally secure waste facilities. Many projects are anchored by a landfill and recycling center and may also feature an industrial or commercial business park, which attracts more businesses to the community, providing tax revenues, and local jobs.

Green Group may include unique designs with public parks, community centers, and conservation easements to protect the land and wildlife habitats. All of these component parts are surrounded by landscaping and vegetative buffer so that the development blends into the surrounding area.

Meriwether Park and Turkey Run Landfill

A perfect example of this approach is Meriwether Park and Turkey Run Landfill. The leadership team of Green Group Holdings permitted, designed, and developed Meriwether Park on 1,800 acres of land in Meriwether County, Georgia to maximize green space around a mixed-used infrastructure development.

Less than 300 acres of this development will be used for Turkey Run Landfill over its lifetime. The rest of the land is dedicated to an industrial park and conservation land. On the property, the leadership of Green Group Holdings worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to restore the water of Blue Creek Water Basin, which runs right through the Meriwether Park property, to its original creek bed.

Now Blue Creek is being restored to its natural path and provides a beautiful centerpiece on the property. The industrial park created hundreds of new jobs, which is a bonus on top of the new revenue for the County the project created.


Modern landfills feature multiple layers of groundwater protection including a compacted clay liner, a 60 mil HDPE liner, and an extensive drainage system to remove rainwater and liquid from the waste 24-hours a day.  Modern landfills also feature groundwater monitoring systems and methane gas detection systems.

Green Group designs its projects to meet or exceed state and federal requirements. For example, although regulations may require a 125-foot wide buffer around a landfill, Green Group Holdings exceeds that standard. Green Group uses only a portion of a large tract of land for landfill purposes, and only a small area of the landfill is open for disposal of waste at any given time. In addition, the waste is covered daily. Green Group often installs more groundwater monitoring wells around a landfill than regulations require. Green Group’s stormwater ponds can handle two back-to-back 100-year storm events, far exceeding the standard requirement to handle one 25-year storm event.

Green Group Holdings’ leadership team has set the standard for large-scale environmental permitting and development projects that serve multiple purposes/uses at one site.



Green Group Holdings has the backing of two privately held investors, Herzog, Inc. and Phillips & Jordan. National civil contractor Phillips & Jordan (P&J) has extensive supplier and subcontractor relationships across the country, a large heavy equipment fleet, and a comprehensive fleet management infrastructure. Herzog Contracting Corp. is a proven industry leader in landfill operation, civil construction, rail maintenance, and development of specialized railroad and mass transit equipment throughout North America.

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