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Oil & Gas Services

Green Group develops and operates waste management facilities designed to serve the recycling, disposal and water supply needs of the oil & gas exploration and production industry. This includes commercial oilfield wastewater disposal facilities, industrial landfills, water supply and water sourcing infrastructure, quarries, and Class I injection wells.

We treat oil and water-based mud and cuttings, we also process contaminated soils, tank sludges and approved industrial wastes. We understand the importance of environmental responsibility in decreasing liabilities that may be associated with oil and gas disposal activities.

With our strong commitment to environmental compliance, we design our projects to meet or exceed state and federal requirements and strive to minimize costs and environmental impacts for our customers.

Oil & Gas Disposal Facilities

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Black Mallard Disposal

(In Permit Process)

Mountrail County, ND

Grasslands Environmental

Grasslands Environmental is a turnkey waste management facility designed to fully serve the disposal and water needs of Wyoming’s oil and gas exploration and production industry at a single location. Permitted and developed by GGH Wyoming, the facility includes a commercial oilfield wastewater disposal facility (COWDF), an industrial landfill, a non-potable water supply well, and two Class I injection wells.

The Grasslands facility offers disposal of:

  • Produced and Flowback Water
  • Exploration and Production Wastes
  • Contaminated Soil and Industrial Wastes

With its strong commitment to environmental compliance, GGH Wyoming designed this project to meet or exceed state and federal requirements and strives to minimize costs and environmental impacts for its customers.


Green Group Holdings has the backing of two privately held investors, Herzog, Inc. and Phillips & Jordan. National civil contractor Phillips & Jordan (P&J) has extensive supplier and subcontractor relationships across the country, a large heavy equipment fleet, and a comprehensive fleet management infrastructure. P&J has committed extensive resources to the oil & gas industry in North Dakota and Wyoming and its oilfield services group supports exploration and production, including infrastructure and roustabout services, and facility completions. P&J also provides water transfer services and fluids and solids disposal, including spill response. Herzog Contracting Corp. is a proven industry leader in landfill operation, civil construction, rail maintenance, and development of specialized railroad and mass transit equipment throughout North America.

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