Green Group Holdings

Environmental Services

Green Group’s waste management expertise coupled with our extensive network of recycling and disposal facilities nationwide allows us to provide the most cost effective, environmentally secure solutions to our customer’s recycling and waste management needs. 

We understand the interrelated costs and logistical issues associated with solid waste and recycling services. Through our integrated solutions, we evaluate assets and operations to maximize value and return on investments for our customers.

Specific areas of environmental services and strategic waste management include:
  • Waste evaluation and recycling/disposal solutions
  • Transportation logistics – rail, truck, barge
  • On-site Project management
  • Management of waste assessments, compliance, approvals
  • Emergency response and waste contingency planning
  • Turnkey waste management services
  • Environmental remediation
  • Wetlands mitigation, stream restoration, environmental impact assessments
  • Industrial Services
  • Dewatering, stabilization, solidification services
We provide these services to:
  • Environmental Engineering Firms and Consultants
  • Environmental Contractors
  • Utilities
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Sector
  • Oil & Gas Sector

Looking for a turnkey waste management solution? Contact Trey Smith: (843) 834-3990.

An Integrated Approach with our Partners