Green Group Holdings



Waste and Recycling Facility Ownership, Operations and Privatization:

Green Group has the professional experience and ability to operate waste and recycling facilities as well as the financial backing to own or privatize such facilities.

Green Group owns and/or operates five solid waste and recycling facilities. With rail, barge and truck capabilities, our operating locations are capable of serving nearly two-thirds of the states in the union.

Oil and Gas Field Disposal and Recycling Services:

Green Group develops waste management facilities designed to serve the recycling, disposal and water supply needs of the oil & gas exploration and production industry. This includes commercial oilfield wastewater disposal facilities, industrial landfills, water supply and water sourcing infrastructure, quarries, and Class I injection wells. Green Group operates Grasslands Environmental, a disposal facility for the oil & gas industry in Bill, Wyoming, with other facilities in development in both North Dakota and Wyoming.

Environmental Permitting and Infrastructure Development:

Green Group provides turnkey service by managing all aspects of the waste facility development process, culminating in ownership and/or operations. This process including siting, permitting, designing, construction, management, and operation.