Green Group Holdings

130 Environmental Park

Located in Caldwell County, TX

Market: Solid Waste Disposal

(In Permit Process)

130 Environmental Park

(In Permit Process)

The 130 Environmental Park will be a state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly, mixed-use development in northern Caldwell County, Texas.  The development will include a municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill, a transfer station, a facility for processing recyclable materials*, community pavilion* and an industrial park*, which will attract more businesses, jobs and tax revenue to the community.

*The proposed recycling/processing center, community pavilion, and the industrial tracts will not be developed unless/until a host agreement with the County is executed and, at that time, they will go through the applicable development process. 

The 130 Environmental Park is expected to provide annual revenue to Caldwell County in the form of host fees and taxes, good paying jobs and new business opportunities for local contractors and service providers.

The 130 Environmental Park will be located east of the 130 Toll Road and north of FM 1185.  The development of 130 Environmental Park will be financed with private funds and will not impose any financial obligations on local governments or taxpayers.

Our goal with the 130 Environmental Park is to deliver a development project that meets the immediate needs of the community while also providing necessary critical infrastructure that will benefit Caldwell County and its residents for years to come.


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Project Information:
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