Green Group Holdings




Green Group holds itself to the highest environmental standards, designing its projects to meet or exceed local, state, and federal requirements. In addition, Green Group actively looks for ways to restore or protect the land surrounding our projects and maximize green space. Our projects may include public parks, community centers and conservation easements to preserve land and wildlife habitats. All of these component parts are surrounded by landscaping and vegetative buffer so that the development blends into the surrounding area.


Green Group takes great pride in its approach to safety, and is constantly working to improve safety standards. Safety, both in operations and the environment, is the highest priority at all of our projects.


Green Group’s innovative approach, which takes advantage of the latest technologies and industry best practices, is setting new standards for operational safety and efficiency – areas where we aspire to become the industry leader.


Green Group is committed to involving the community from start to finish at all of our projects. With an open door approach that encourages open dialogue, Green Group helps residents, elected officials, and regulators understand our projects, how we will protect the environment, and the economic benefits we will bring to the community.


Green Group’s projects benefit the communities we serve through increased property and sales tax revenues, well-paying full-time jobs, and an economic boost that comes from hiring local businesses to provide services for our projects.


Whether it’s following through on a promise to the local community or going the extra mile to ensure environmental compliance, at Green Group, we do what we say we are going to do.