Green Group Holdings

Previously Operated Sites


Mesa County Landfill, Transfer Station, Recycling Center & Compost Facility (Mesa County, CO)

The Mesa County Landfill has a 127-acre footprint and accepts municipal solid waste (MSW). Along with operation of the site, GGH Mesa, LLC operated four transfer stations, a recycling drop-off center and a compost facility in a successful public-private partnership with Mesa County, Colorado.

Brooks C&D Landfill (Wichita, KS)

The Brooks C&D Landfill accepts construction and demolition debris (C&D), and it has a facility that offers a windrow compost operation, a friable asbestos monofill, and a scrap metal recycling operation.

Grasslands Environmental (Douglas, WY)

Grasslands Environmental is a turnkey waste management facility designed to fully serve the disposal and water needs of Wyoming’s oil and gas exploration and production industry at a single location. The facility includes a commercial oilfield wastewater disposal facility (COWDF), an industrial landfill, a non-potable water supply well.

Arrowhead Landfill (Perry County, AL)

Arrowhead is a 1,345-acre greenfield development with a 425-acre Subtitle D footprint. The facility has 75 million cubic yards of permitted airspace and can receive up to 15,000 tons of waste per day. Proximity to major rail lines allows Arrowhead to handle waste disposal from communities and companies in all states east of the Mississippi River, all states along the western edge of the Mississippi River, Oklahoma and Texas.