Green Group Holdings

Previously Operated Sites


Mesa County Landfill, Transfer Station, Recycling Center & Compost Facility (Mesa County, CO)

The Mesa County Landfill has a 127-acre footprint and accepts municipal solid waste (MSW). Along with operation of the site, GGH Mesa, LLC operated four transfer stations, a recycling drop-off center and a compost facility in a successful public-private partnership with Mesa County, Colorado.

Brooks C&D Landfill (Wichita, KS)

The Brooks C&D Landfill accepts construction and demolition debris (C&D), and it has a facility that offers a windrow compost operation, a friable asbestos monofill, and a scrap metal recycling operation.

Grasslands Environmental (Douglas, WY)

Grasslands Environmental is a turnkey waste management facility designed to fully serve the disposal and water needs of Wyoming’s oil and gas exploration and production industry at a single location. The facility includes a commercial oilfield wastewater disposal facility (COWDF), an industrial landfill, a non-potable water supply well.